Pause And Recharge Your Mind


Our time is precious these days.

The demands of our time, in every aspect of our lives, it seems, are perhaps the most in any generation to date.

As a leader, you may feel there is no time for planning, thinking, or recharging.

But there is always those few moments where we fill our days with email checks, looking over our to-do lists, and dreading our next pile of tasks.

Our minds get taxed, tense, and overloaded. We need those times to allow our brains to slack and rest.

Each day take just a few moments to recharge your mind.

Just to take ten, or five, or two, minutes, shut out your calls and texts, and get away somewhere quiet. An unused conference room. Your office. A park or library. Your car.

Just watch the scenery around you, or the wall, or gaze at the picture in front of you. Don’t think on your pressing matters or world’s worries.

Meditate. Pray. Think of something you enjoy doing. Or a dream. Or just be mindful of the quiet sound of your breathing and resting.

Let go of the worry, bitterness, frustration, and challenges that you’re facing. They were not there a month ago and will not be there next month. The are temporary.

Think on the more precious and permanent things that effect your life. Put your energy into refreshing your thoughts on those.

Then go back to your routine with a renewed sense of purpose, peace, and energy.

Make this a daily habit and you will be better equipped to lead your people.




About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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