Free UP Your Thinking Process


Thoughts are a precious commodity for today’s leaders.

The amount of information that one has to process to make a solid decision is enormous compared to a generation ago. In making good business decisions, the decision maker must process:

  • Data, including “Big Data”
  • Stock and shareholder interests
  • Operational execution
  • Customer impact
  • Quality assurance
  • Market forces and implications
  • Raw material costs and availability
  • Social media and marketing forces
  • Rising costs of living
  • Many other tangible entities that impact or will be impacted by the decision(s)

Also, a leader has to consider these other “intangibles” into their decision equation:

  • Employee engagement
  • Culture
  • Market reception
  • Customer acceptance
  • Value perception

And perhaps the worst thought lines to process are these:

  • Rumors
  • Speculation of short- and long-term events
  • Political climate, domestically and internationally
  • Social climate
  • Fear of disaster
  • Negative backlash for standing your ground
  • Pressure to make decisions quickly without complete information

While not exhaustive, these thoughts, consciously and subconsciously, are taxing and can render leaders of every level ineffective in properly making sound judgments and solid decisions.

Make it a practice to Free UP Your Thinking when processing decisions. An overtaxed mind can’t see the proverbial forest through the trees, even if yours is one of the most brilliant mind in your field.

Here are some simple strategies to free UP your thoughts and let your mind slack and make better judgment calls:

  • Find the time, any time – just even 5 minutes is sufficient to give your brain a rest and think. Obviously, if you can devote 15 or even 20 minutes, great, but sometimes just a few minutes will trigger a refreshed thinking process in you.
  • Stop the input – turn off the spigot of information and let your brain digest what it’s already been fed.
  • Meditate on the problem at hand – let your mind mull it over and ruminate on the solutions over and over, looking at different angles.
  • Find a quiet place – close your office door. Break away to a library and turn your cell phone off (and emails). Close off the outside world briefly to give some slack time to your brain.
  • Exercise your body and your brain – take a walk in the park. Solve a Sudoku. Doodle. Breathe deeply and methodically. Get your mind and body in sync by healthy habits.
  • Tell the noise “NO.” – stifle the rumors, negative news, speculations, and everything that strives to muddy the waters in your thinking process. Great leaders gain clarity by dealing with true facts and don’t let worry and fear gain a toehold in their thinking.

Freeing UP your thinking will lead to decisions that more positively impact people, organizations, markets, and reduce stress, worry, and regrets. It’s the only way to think.


About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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