Setting Your People UP To Win


Quality training nowadays seems to be at a premium in most companies. Organizations, for a variety of rationales, seem to short change this vital foundation to their long-term growth and success.

How many of these examples have we seen in our careers?

  • Employees brought on with virtually no onboarding process
  • Staff not being taught on the values and philosophy of the company
  • Team members being thrown into the job, to be taught “on the fly”
  • Management running tight budgets so that hiring is expedited at the expense of proper training
  • Hiring needs so great and urgent that new hires are thrust in and fast-tracked in their job training
  • Job descriptions and scope are not clearly defined to allow folks to understand what is expected of them
  • Tools and resources are not properly integrated, leaving employees to improvise or fend for themselves
  • Managements’ understanding of the training process is not in line with the holes in the processes
  • Objectives and standards for training are nebulous, undefined, and subjective

When your people are not set UP to win, everyone loses. Morale suffers, and so does engagement. Revenue opportunities are lost, and profitability shrinks. Turnover will increase. The chance for competition to chip away at your market shares will be greater, but so will the chance for them to pick-off some talent from your staff.

In order to provide a solid environment that sets your people UP to succeed in their work, a leader must take responsibility for their team’s growth.

A leader that does this will:

  • Seek to staff and hire from a position of strength, full bench strength that is, and hire based on growth, not filling a hole
  • Communicate the values of the organization from the initial interview, and drill down those values and core philosophies through the onboarding, training, and development processes
  • Find ways to increase the training and hiring budget, either by cutting expenses elsewhere, or by fully training their teams to a point where increased revenue becomes the result and the training pays for itself
  • Roles and expectations are clearly laid out, but with a clearly defined flexibility that leave room for helping other departments, creativity, innovation, and making decisions in the best interest of the customer and company
  • Be actively engaged in every aspect of the hiring and training process, get feedback, and make adjustment where necessary
  • Ensure all necessary tools and resources are needed, that each person has 100% access to everything they need to fulfill their job
  • Everyone on the team, regardless of experience, is brought “back to the basics” in learning the core values, the fundamentals of their jobs, and understands their part in the process of setting UP everyone to win in their roles

As a leader, this is the most crucial aspect of what you do. By laying a solid foundation for the development of your people and setting them UP to win, you will in turn bring value to each of your people, your customers, and the entire organization.



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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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