A Leadership Lesson From A Teenage Boy


Ray was an average 15-year old boy who I worked with many years ago.

I was an assistant manager in a franchised food concept and Ray was one of our cook/cashiers.

One day one of his colleague’s was complaining about the task they were asked to do. After they were done complaining, Ray looked right at them and said,


“You know, my father always tells me that the measure of a person is not how well they do what they like, but how well they do what they don’t like.”


It was a great saying that has stuck with me throughout my career. It a a lesson in character and solid leadership.

How well do we, as leaders, do those unpleasant tasks? Whether the job is mundane, uncomfortable, or even not a full use of our talents, how we perform in them will speak volumes about our character.

It’s the proverbial saying that if someone is great in the small things they will be great in the larger things.

Leadership is about doing everything you put your hand to with excellence. It’s setting the example for others to emulate, be inspired, and achieve bigger results.

If you want to prove yourself in your leadership, tackle the jobs you don’t like with quality. You’ll be amazed at how it will transform your attitude, your leadership, and your career.


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