Before Time Is UP


I woke up yesterday to some sorrowful news – one of my high school classmates had just died last week from a battle with breast cancer.

Eve was only 47, and had a wonderful spirit about her. She entered the Coast Guard after school and became a wonderful mom and wife. Our high school graduating class was never tremendously close – we all went our separate ways after graduating – but the news gave many, including myself, a wake-up call.

For such a young age it seems that Eve made the most of her time. Her service in the Coast Guard and to her family are the legacy she will leave behind for others to follow.

That said, what are we, as leaders, doing with the time we have left to make a positive impact for others to follow? What are we doing right now to broaden our influence Before “Time’s UP”?

We never know how long we’ll be on this earth. Or have the physical or mental ability to do what we’re gifted to do. We have no real idea what our tenure is in our current leadership capacity.

We each have a limited time to lead and develop leaders around us and behind us. We think and lead linearly with our sights through to the end of our careers. But how can we lead better if we could look back on our legacy and those opportunities we could have made better? How do you think you could:

  • Reach out and connect more deeply
  • Develop more people and train the next generation for success
  • Share in others growth more
  • Give more of yourself for others to have a better opportunity
  • Create more value for your organization
  • Balance your family and personal needs more
  • Take those risk towards bigger goals
  • Remedy those things you got wrong
  • Make sure at the end of every day you have no regrets and lead with character

How can each one of us become better leaders before our time to lead is up?

Make the most of your days. Enjoy what you do and who you do it for.


My condolences to Eve’s family as they mourn their loss and celebrate her life. She has labored to enter her rest, and made the best impact she could in other’s lives.





About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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