Why We Need Positive DisrUPtion



We operate in such a world now that this term – rightly defined – means an “unplanned, negative deviation from the expected delivery… according to the organization’s objectives”.

Interruptions, market shifts, disasters, conflicting priorities, and personal politics are some examples of these types of events. Individually or collectively, they are time, thought, and confidence robbers waiting to get you off balance.

As with any toxic environ, there needs to be a method to dilute or negate disruption. In order to counteract the seemingly chaotic waves that bear down on us, we need a counter-offensive way of thinking.

We need Positive DisrUPtion.

What Positive DisrUPtion means is to turn the tide of negative and counter-productive forces and instigate a more sustainable and preferable change. It can take many forms:

  • Challenging the status quo in order to become more productive, relevant, or proactive in the marketplace
  • Speaking up for integrity in employee engagement and character-based leadership
  • Placing checks and balances in the organization to ensure accountability
  • Forgoing fears and naysayers to bring a vision or new product to the industry
  • Investing more fully in your people to invigorate the lifeblood of the company

It’s Positive DisrUPtion that broke the 4-minute mile barrier. Invented the iPhone. Created a democratic republic. Put man in space.

It’s a thinking that brings reason and win-win thoughts to the table. It creates vision and pushes dreams to the next level.

Positive DisrUPtion makes progress. It enables culture change, empowers employees, and fosters a spirit of servant leadership. It pushes engineering limits, beats deadlines, and transforms the impossible into reality.

There is not a benevolent human, scientific, business, or technological event that did not occur without Positive DisrUPtion. Generations of leaders have made this happen. Now it’s our turn to bring disruption to disruption.


– Paul




(image courtesy of nextbigwhat.com)


About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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