Gearing UP


We enter each new week and every new day with a myriad of challenges facing us:

  • Deadlines
  • Personnel decisions
  • Financial constraints
  • Results-driven goals
  • Vague agendas
  • Lack of resources
  • Communication barriers

The list could go on. And that’s not to mention some of the following in our non-work lives:

  • Family events
  • Personal decisions
  • Needs of the house
  • Demands of other people and/or organizations

So how does one juggle the rushing freight train of our daily demands without being run over? If you look at the mountain before you in an overwhelmed mindset, you have already conceded partial defeat.

The way to counter it, and gain a running success it to Gear UP – in your thinking, approach, and attitude.

Thinking – As alluded to before, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. Yes, things must be done and people must be connected this week. But by changing your outlook past the hectic and beyond the multitude of smaller things to be done, you should focus on the overall big picture in each area of your life. “Which people am I going to develop this week?” “How can I bring value in everything I do?”  “Where can I lead my teams to get them further along in the company?” are great examples of gearing up your thinking for the larger mission.

Approach – What we do this coming week is almost as important as how we approach doing it, but it’s not the same. If you’re looking at not being able to make your commitments you may need to change how you’re preparing to tackle the week. Start with your own core values – how does everything ahead of you fit into them? Then try doing the same exercise with your organizations values and mission. Get to folding each piece into the larger mission you serve. You may find a good deal of overlap, not just in your tasks but also your efforts, thus killing two birds with one stone. Bring the values to the forefront, and push the mission through them.

Attitude – This is getting your heart in line with your mind to Play UP. We need to take those moments each day and every week to Step it UP for our roles. We need to remind ourselves that great leaders do not shrink from their challenges, they rush headlong into them. Adopting the attitude, not just externally but internally, will ensure we won’t falter along the way. The people who are looking to us for motivation will mirror that mentality and fortitude, and they will likewise carry that Geared UP attitude to others as well.

Our daily challenges will never go away, nor can we avoid them. We must face them head-on, and Gear UP with optimism for our leadership skills to be tested and carry us and others through the days and weeks ahead.



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