You’ve Succeeded, Now What??


The goal has been achieved!

All that planning and hard work. You tirelessly developed your people, coached them through, and kept them motivated. You pushed and overcame every obstacle that you faced, even with all the naysayers telling you it couldn’t be done.

You made it! NOW WHAT?!?

It’s during these times that a leaders’ true character comes out. How success is handled (or mishandled) can be just as critical to the health of an organization as the methods and behaviors that achieved the goals. Here are some ways and mindsets to help handle success:

Celebrate. Believe it or not, there is nothing wrong with a celebration over an earned achievement. But instead of patting yourself on the back and gloating, involve your team. (You wouldn’t be there without them anyway). Buy them breakfast the next morning. Have a team meeting centered on the accomplishment and thanks. Whoop it up, appropriately. Make sure the celebration is proportionate to the goal achieved. These times will not only bring the team closer together, it will motivate them towards the next goal.

Promote your people who got you there. Submit a company-wide email praising the team that got you there. Positively call out individuals or groups that triumphed over particular challenges. Or those that rose to the occasion in leadership, motivation, and teamwork. There may have been people who displayed the necessary traits that warrant consideration for a promotion. Whatever the opportunity, lift your people up, formally or informally, in your organization.

Take no credit. This is a difficult mindset at times. Many leaders fail at this because they are given a chance for self-recognition and instantly forget everyone else. I don’t mean to ever pass up a chance to say “thank you” to someone who praises you for a good job. But don’t absorb all the accolades either. Pay it forward. In the model of class athletes like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, admit that you couldn’t do it without your team. Again, point out those who stood out.

A simple “thanks”. Don’t underestimate the verbal “Thank You” to each and every person who helped out. Sometimes you may want to follow-up with a card or note as well. This gesture is probably the most personal and sincere, so don’t miss out on the strong connection you will cement with your people.

Focus on the next goal. There is always a bigger fish, another mountain to climb, another game to play. The work goes on. Use the accomplishment to position yourself to continue the momentum and work towards bigger goals and stronger team dynamics.

Reflect, recharge, refresh, and retool. Take some time to stop and savor the moment. Reflect on what went well, and how things could have been better. Pour over the goal in light of the next goal and overall mission and get ready to charge forward again. Let your mind and stress level slack a bit, breathe, and relax. Then gather everything and everyone together and lead them with their new level of confidence to the next challenge.

Don’t miss this important opportunity to be consistent in your leadership. In everything, be thankful and involve your people to the fullest. Nothing brings a team closer together than a hard-fought victory, celebrated correctly.


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