Step UP


I just finished a brief social media discussion of what “call of duty” means in the leadership realm. One of our colleagues brought up that the concept involves leaders to “step up” to their responsibilities.

We have many responsibilities in our leadership roles, including but not limited to:

  • Family
  • Company
  • Teams that report to you
  • Those you report to
  • Friends
  • Colleagues 
  • Mentors
  • Your community
  • Shareholders, taxpayers, business partners, etc, etc

To Step UP means more than taking the responsibility head-on. It means a placing of your whole self into service for those responsibilities. It involves:

  • Giving full thought to the impact of your leadership decisions
  • Persevering to the point of being uncomfortable
  • Taking full responsibility, without blame, for actions of yourself and your people
  • Never compromising your standards or values, even in the face of pressure
  • Fulfilling your calling to the fullest extent
  • Standing out from the pack and making a positive impact for your world

There are far too many wallflowers in today’s world. Leaders of all walks need to Step Up and instigate those visions of change we have instilled within us.

What other ways can you Step UP in your leadership role this week?



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  1. Great reminder here Paul! It’s important that as leaders we take a more active role in being responsible to all domains of our lives. The better we are able to lead internally, leading externally comes naturally.



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