Are You A Swiss Cheese Trainer?


In today’s world we have many catch phrases when it comes to training  people:


“Training on the fly.”

“Train as you go.” (Or “Learn as we go.”)

“When you need to learn that, we’ll go over it.”

The list goes on . . .

Many leaders today have a casual approach to training. They think after an informal training period, some field or floor time, and with an assurance of more training “when you need it”, they have all the bases covered. What most of them are not aware of are the holes in their entire development program.

A good leader will take the time to assess, walk through, and process their training programs. Think for a moment about how your programs are laid out and ask these questions:

  • Are checklists or some guidelines present to ensure all skills and procedures are fully trained?
  • Do you train to develop competence, or just play “show-and-tell” and check it off?
  • Are your systems all covered?
  • Have all the tools your people need to perform their jobs been identified and thoroughly explained?
  • Are job description, core value, and mission expectations clearly laid out?
  • Have checks and balances been woven in to ensure everyone involved in training does a thorough job?
  • Have you truly verified your programs to make sure there are no weak links?
  • Use training as a way to promote your brand, and your culture?
  • Instill a mindset and culture of ongoing training, taking every opportunity every day to train, mentor, and develop people. (Every interaction is a way to develop).

Do you know that if there are any holes, most employees will not ask, but find other methods to fill in the holes themselves? Some of these ways may be:

  • Makeshift systems that compromise service, quality, safety, and/or policy.
  • Methods that set poor examples to others and do not reflect your brand or values.
  • Omitting those steps or tasks altogether.
  • Creating opportunities for disengagement. Lack of roper training translates to lack of care for your employees in their eyes.

A wise leader will not just fill in the gaps, they’ll thoroughly plug them up. Solid training from day one and every day beyond builds trust, loyalty, strength in your people, revenue, and vision. They’ll see themselves as valuable and give more to your organization than you could with any incentive or pep talk.



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