How To Remove Landmines in Your Organization


Take a moment and do a quick assessment of your organization:

  • Are there barriers to your teams workflow?
  • Is there communication gaps?
  • Are there holes in processes that hamper effectiveness?
  • Do landmines exist that threaten to sabotage morale, productivity, growth, or engagement?

Military ranks for centuries have deployed various people (scouts, deminers, and so forth) to go out and remove the landmines, booby traps, wires, and other impediments to would slow down the troops. In order for them to charge forward and succeed, those obstacles must be identified, removed and the path cleared to execute the mission.

So how is it with your organization?  Do landmines exist that will blow up the troops, thwart the mission, and lead to causalities?

There is a lot at stake to lose if those barriers exist:

  • Disengagement (lack of loyalty)
  • High turnover (causalities)
  • Mutiny (loss of leadership credibility)
  • Decisions made in lieu of clear instructions that are not congruent to the mission (non-alignment)
  • Bogged down workflow that allows the competition to advance (losing battles)

An effective leader will scout ahead and perceive the perils themselves. They will discern what lies ahead and do everything necessary to remove them. Here are some methods that may work for your organization:

  • Identify your processes 360 degrees. How do the systems work for the team, the customers, our business partners, and not just for our company? Examine them and tweak them, fill in the gaps, and ensure a smooth flow that accomplishes that part of the mission.
  • Get reports from the troops. MBWA. Engage your people. Get reports from the front line. Make sure you know at any given moment what is going on up at the front. Be at the front, engaged in the day’s battles.
  • If necessary, blow up the systems. Destroy the trip wires, landmines, and pits that are flawed systems, thinking, and communications.
  • Boot camp. Train. Get the troops in shape. Make them an incredible army. This will also reinforce the core values in the leadership team as well as they drill the fundamentals.
  • Have mission briefings. Basically – communicate. When there are gaps in communication, something fills it. Misinformation leads to misalignment. Which could lead to rumors, which becomes false propaganda that your troops feed on. Make sure everyone has touch points that instill the core values and purpose so they can performs their duties.

A good leader, like a good soldier, does not leave another behind. But they also make sure no one charges ahead without a high degree for success. Clear the landmines and see your team become heroes.


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