Play UP

play up

A mediocre sports team gives the champs a tough, hard fought contest.

A staff member starts to step up their performance when a highly talented hire comes aboard.

A company strengthens its brand when a strong competitor enters the marketplace.

There’s nothing like a challenge to bring out the strengths in individuals and teams.

Competition is a healthy ingredient to a leader’s success. This can be fostered by:

  • Economic factors
  • Personal development challenges
  • Market conditions
  • Peer pressure
  • New competition

It causes us, in the examples above, to Play UP.

Sometimes we become like water and seek our own level. A comfort zone. It usually takes an outside agent to stir within us that desire to be better and to utilize the talents we’ve been given.

When you’re Playing UP, you rise to meet the challenge that you face. Whether it’s a make-or-break marketing decision, culture change, or a personal development initiative to keep pace with the times, rising to the occasion is what’s needed to have success.

You cannot Play UP when you’re isolated, separated from the challenges of the world. You need outside forces to move you along, push you, test you. They are not always opposing agents, however.

Think how the following make the best testers for our abilities:

  • Mentors,
  • Colleagues,
  • Family, or
  • Accountability partners.

It takes an anvil, fire, and a hammer to temper steel.

“Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17 NASB)

Get out of your comfort zone. Make the jump to the next level. Play UP!!





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