5 Poor Excuses For Not Training


It’s a sad, sad reality when one surveys the ways in which companies poorly train their people.

Companies preach Human Resources or Human Capital, but seldom treat them like the resources they claim.

Organizations that don’t have a focus on proper training starve themselves. People are the lifeblood of every organization.

The excuses come down to 5 things, quite frankly: Money, Time, Unimportance, Inertia, and Power. Here are some examples:


Money Excuses:

“We don’t have the budget.”

“Only have xx hours to spend on training.”

What they’re really saying – “We want to spend the monies on items other than what drives service and customer satisfaction.”

The Result – A double-loss. You’re wasting money on items that don’t directly drive top-line revenue and bottom line profit.

Time excuses:

“They need to be up and running in 3 days.”

“Need to hire right away and get them up to speed quickly.”

What they’re really saying – “Our poor planning doesn’t afford quality training.”

The Result – Rushed training creates employees who don’t feel confident in their roles. Plan to train well in advance. Plan to give the time necessary for that training.

Unimportant Excuses:

“Training doesn’t actually improve the bottom line.”

“Training is not an efficient use of our resources.”

What they’re really saying – “We don’t see the value in developing people, and thus our business.”

The Result – People who don’t feel support from the organization, and thus disengage. If they feel unimportant, they will not make the company important to themselves.

Inertia Excuses:

“Things are fine as they are.”

“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

What they’re really saying – “We’re fine, we do an alright job as it is.”

The Result – A car on the speedway that is parked always gets passed. If you’re not moving forward in today’s world, you become irrelevant.

Power excuses:

“If they’re sharp, they’ll figure it out. If not, then they’re not what we need.”

“It’s not my job to train.”

What they’re really saying – “Let them fend for themselves; I have to take care of my own needs first.”

The Result – A damaged credibility which leads to no one following your lead. People will never follow a supposed leader who looks after their own interested first.


I worked for a company that claimed publicly that it spent more money on training than any other company in the restaurant industry. Sad fact was, they never hired people for new restaurants until opening day. They also did nothing to continue leadership development beyond initial training for staff or managers. What resulted time and again was fires that needed to be put out. They spent their time and money on themselves, and as a result of their aggressive growth, went bankrupt and folded.

Don’t let this happen. Invest in your training programs. Sustainable growth means having a mindset that keeps the organization growing and alive.

Kill the training excuses. There are no good ones.



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