Looking UP

look up

You hear it all around you – these are uncertain times in an uncertain global economy. Values are shifting, and security is becoming more elusive.

Leadership examples falter, as we see everyday failings from government agencies to business to volunteer/non-profit organizations.

So how does one cope with the times and inspire their people to charge forward?

In an article entitled Critical Optimism in a Pessimistic Economy, the author outlines ways to stay optimistic in today’s world. While optimism is necessary, your interior and exterior vision needs to look beyond the circumstances and the choppy seas around you.

You must be Looking UP at all times.

Looking UP involves taking your eyes off the anxieties within and setting your sights on something farther ahead. It can be accomplished by:

  • Remembering whose lives are impacted by your role and influence
  • Determining that you will not take your eyes off of the horizon ahead
  • Focusing outward on the needs of others around you
  • Instilling the vision of the mission and what it will look like when it’s accomplished
  • Communicating and promoting the positive “What If?” and the “Why?” of the cause

Mike Henry, Sr., Chief Instigator of Lead Change Group, offers a similar persepctive in what he calls “Elevating Your Purpose”. It focuses on not looking down within ourselves but looking up and outwards towards what benefits others. He says in a recent post:

“What is an elevated purpose? My definition of an elevated purpose is one that creates great value for others. An elevated purpose isn’t one that benefits only us. In the end, our legacy will be what we did for others. The hole we leave will only be measured by those we leave behind. Therefore our greatest purpose benefits others.”

True leadership is defined by the impact we have on others. A purpose that needs to be elevated daily. We can’t do this with a downcast spirit.

By Looking UP, and getting others to Look UP, we can create the type of momentum and attitude necessary to change our world and the lives of those around us.


– Paul


(image courtesy of messianicjudaism.me)


About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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