Leadership Question: What Would You Give Up For Your Character?


This past week there was a news story broke across the nation about a high school track team coach in Massachusetts. His team won the state title, a tremendous achievement of his career and the kid’s hard earned efforts. Then the moment of truth came.

When the coach combed over the final results, he realized there had been a scoring error. He brought it forth, and the results were adjusted, costing his team the title they had just won.

In a stunning display of honesty and integrity, this coach sacrificed a trophy for character.

It raised a key question in leadership circles today: What would you give up for your character?

Are you willing to sacrifice a trophy? Fame? Money? A promotion? Comfort or security?

I’m sure this coach was half-expecting to have his team, the parents, and his peers excoriate him for his decision. What he received instead was approval for his actions! In a time where such sacrifice and honesty is rare, so many crave to see examples like this in the world today.

When you lead with your character, you may need to give up some things. But you’ll have the everlasting legacy of knowing you’ve set the proper example for others to follow.

The tangible things we give up pale in comparison to the intangible things we gain.

“When you take care of your character, God takes care of your reputation.”


(image courtesy of usatoday.com)




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