Nature Abhors A Vacuum – So Do Employees


It’s remarkable how many physical laws of nature apply to the realm of leadership.

As it is a natural occurrence for nature to fill the void of a vacuum, the same principle can be applied to employees across every organization as well.

We can all agree that:

  • Rumors fill the void where gaps of information are
  • Disruptive behavior occurs where there is no respect
  • Fear penetrates where trust falls away
  • Disengagement reigns where leadership retreats

These are all employee behaviors that fill the gaps. While no doubt great employees can rise to leadership vacancies and voids, the bigger question posed here is:

How does leadership fill the vacuum and keep it filled?

  • Clear, honest, and ample communication of agendas, culture, and vision
  • Give respect and make employees the rising stars
  • Engender trust by giving respect and sharing knowledge
  • Engage employees as much – or more – than engaging the office or the board (The “Be There” of the FISH! Philosophy)

For vacuums to cease, matter needs to be present. Your people matter, make it a point to prove that daily.



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