Re-UP !!


Every day we’re faced with choices.

Faith is a choice. Love is a choice. So is integrity, values, hard work, and a positive attitude.

Some days we have to work hard at making these choices to stay the course. Some days are harder than others. We don’t want to choose on those days. We want to go with the flow. But the flow takes us downstream into the cesspool where unrealized ambitions and messed up lives spiral down to.

Each day we must Re-UP our commitment to another day of character, inspiration, and stellar leadership.

We think nothing of re-upping our cell phone or internet plan. Soldiers decide every few years whether to re-up their commitment to defend their country. Those decision are not light ones, but ones that carry an impact during those people’s lives.

Yet the single most difficult decision you will make is the one you make every day, every hour, every minute. You must Re-UP your commitment to utilize the gifts you’ve been given to influence those around you. To encourage them. To love them. To lead them.

Your team, your community, your organization, your spouse, family, and friends depend on your commitment to them. More importantly, you depend on it as well. A life with fulfilled commitments never has regrets. It’s legacy will continue long after your ability to lead will.

What are your roles and commitments to yourself and those around you? Choose wisely and Re-UP today. Satisfaction guaranteed.





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About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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