Include Others In Your Goals


pulling up on ladder

I read a tremendous story the other day about a gentleman who accomplished one of the biggest items on his “bucket list” when he was able to take his sister to Europe. He had made the trip many times, but she never had the opportunity.

What is inspiring here is how he made one of her goals a priority and incorporated it into one of his goals.

It’s the type of story that makes us think – how much do we include others in our goals? Or even more impactful, as the object of our goals?

When we survey our goals, what do we see? Goals given to us by our organization? Plans we devised for ourselves that move us up the ladder in our career?

How many of our goals truly include others? When we make others the central focus of our leadership efforts, great results happen. More engagement, more buy-in, higher morale, more productivity, the list goes on.

Here’s how we can simply put this into action:

  • Develop a career path for someone
  • Make them a project leader
  • Drive leadership depth below
  • Mentor others
  • Remove yourself from goals and inserting other people or teams into the plan

There are a myriad of ways we can make our goals be about others. These are just a few ideas to get the thought process rolling.

When others become a part of something bigger, there is a satisfaction that cannot be duplicated, and a grander sense of purpose sets in.

I’m sure the woman’s brother felt that way too.


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