Leadership Meditation In The “Noise Age”



I was reading a blog post by Art Petty this morning that got me thinking … quite literally. He exposits the importance of “making time every day to just think”.

So I got to thinking, and thinking some more, about thinking.

Do we know how to effectively think, to get our brain unchained from the ropes of the day so that it can freely rest and roam?

Have we lost the art, in today’s overloaded society, to effectively meditate?

Meditation, contrary to modern belief, IS NOT the emptying of one’s mind. By definition, it is the habit of spending time in quiet or reflective thought.

I like to describe today’s culture as the “noise age”. We have so much clamoring for our attention every moment that our minds do not have sufficient time to stop and rest. And when we do, we don’t allow the conscious and subconscious to go on their own. We usually spend our “down time” stimulating our thoughts again, but in a less hectic or even “leisurely” factor.

I rediscovered meditation a little over a week ago. I had a few challenges on my mind, and knowing my limits, I pushed back from my desk and took a “brain break”. But instead of moving on to something else, I just stared up to the ceiling, relaxed my mind and thought.

I can only describe the thought process as chewing, ruminating, over and over and over. It was like massaging my mind and the problems at hand. I didn’t set out to solve the issues, just to mediate and review them.

After about number of minutes, a solution popped into my mind. But what was more amazing was the freshness of my mental state. It was like the dough that had been stretched finally had a time to rest, and rise. I had not only had a good solution, but was more energized to tackle the remaining tasks of the day with more confidence and energy.

So, as Art says, make the time every day to think. But more than think, meditate. Reflect over and over, and you will recharge your ability to make an impact in your day.

(image courtesy of thecutterrambles.wordpress.com)

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