7 Reasons Why You Need To Stop


This is a very busy time in my life. As of this writing, I am engaged in bids for 6 new accounts, a new facility and corporate acquisition/merger, 2 new ministry responsibilities, a new house to refresh, starting a book, and  hosting a banquet for 60 on Saturday. As well as being a husband and father of 5, ongoing training of a year-old dog, blog writing, and daily life. Oh, and the pump for my well quit last week and I had to replace that.

So it took me aback when my wife last night said, “Do you have time to relax? You’re sitting with me and watching a show for the next hour.” Whoa, I’ve got way too much going on, I thought. I don’t have time for TV. (I maybe watch 2 hours a month if that. Besides, hockey playoffs are on the radio while I do other things). She read me well and said, “You’re working too much, you need a break.” Knowing that she was somewhat correct, I relented and sat down with her.

Mind you this wasn’t a “spend time with me” request. We make Tuesdays a regular date night for a couple of hours to keep our relationship in the right perspective. This was a “stop and recharge because you’ll get stressed” request.

After the show was over, I was both thankful and refreshed. I had some items to still work on, but I was in such a more relaxed frame of mind that I was able to finish more and in less time that night.

My wife’s suggestion reminded me of why we as leaders need to stop, literally, from time to time:

  • To put the brakes on life and prevent stress from building
  • It allows our mind, body, and soul to be refreshed
  • We reconnect with those around us
  • We reconnect with ourselves
  • It renews our perspective on what we’re doing and what’s really important
  • We gain clarity through tending to other areas in our life
  • It reminds us that we are not superhuman

Take the time. STOP. Refresh. You will be thankful you did.

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