The Thrill of Developing People


Ask anyone in your circles what the greatest joys of life are, and you’ll get similar answers to these:

  • The joy of a mom giving birth
  • The excitement of a parent seeing their baby take their first steps
  • The pride of a father giving his daughter away as a bride
  • The satisfaction of a teacher seeing their students learn and succeed
  • The pleasure of a farmer or gardener watching their seedlings sprout

As leaders, there is nothing like the thrill of developing people and watching them lead, take flight, and witnessing their success.

It satisfies the birth pangs of mentoring. Watching your people take steps towards and in leadership as they mature into their roles.

You have walked them down the aisle of character. You have taught and discipled and help them apply their knowledge. After weeks, months, and maybe years of watering and fertilizing, there is no bigger victory than to see fruit, their fruit. start to push forth.

Lose yourself in your people. There is nothing that compares.


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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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