Remembering The Who


During my teens and young adult years, this statement would have been answered with the loud and flamboyant rock band from Britain.

However, I would like to pose this as a thought for leaders to always keep in mind.

Simon Sinek has generated a movement and many great talking points from his “Start With Why” philosophy, and this author has even written a post giving credence to it.

Yet I am left wondering to myself, for all the “Why” we justify and rationalize – have we, or do we, remember the Who that goes into it?

For instance, as an organization is our mission to build widgets or is it to enrich peoples lives through the widgets we make?

As a leader is our charge to make the bottom line or is it to develop your team’s skills whereby they become far more productive and engaged in their work which produces more solid and sustainable bottom line results? Or, perhaps to develop some rising stars in your division that can enable you to lead more teams and develop more people to allow the organization to reach wider goals that more positively impact others?

Are we left at the end of the day achieving our “Why” with no one in which to share it with?

Bring others along. “Who”? Everyone. Customers. Employees. Your team. Vendors and business partners. Colleagues. Cross-department counterparts. Even your boss. Place any name here – they are part of the equation. (Your family, your mentors, the community, the list goes on).

Keep people the central focus of your leadership and organizational goals. Franchises and network marketers have long known that the more people you make successful, the more the organization as a whole, and yourself, will be successful. They at least know that their “Why” to build their brand is linked into bringing many “Whos” along.

It is far better to have a team to share in a victory than to have all the glory given to oneself. Or to win a battle but have no survivors or benefactors for your sacrifices.

Dr. John Miller, my marketing professor from university, used to preach “Business Is People” to every student and would require that written atop every test and paper. He always remembered the “Who”.

“Why” is good. “Why” is necessary. “Who” is better. “Who” is essential.

“Remember the Who” – every day.


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