Dead Sea Leadership

dead sea

It is widely known that the best leaders reach out to others. They give of their time, their thoughts, and their experiences (good and bad). Leaders who show this ability not only develop those around them, they build a phenomenal reputation and legacy for growing future leaders (like Reginald Jones of General Electric, or Bill Walsh of the San Francisco 49ers).

However, the reverse of this is also true. Leaders who hoard information for themselves, stay guarded, do not develop others, and keep closed agendas suffer and stagnate. They take credit, read and never share, talk and never listen. The get hardened like a mineral over time.

They become Dead Sea Leaders.

The Dead Sea is the largest body of water in Israel, bordering Jordan on the west.The Jordan River empties into it, and is the lowest point on earth. As such, it has no outgoing tributaries, and all the water and minerals that flow into there collect salinity and density in which no animals can live.

For a body of water to thrive and make conditions favorable for life, there needs to be something flowing out from it. A river’s purpose is to channel water, nutrients and other minerals to the valleys and lands below. What results is a landscape rich and fertile, prime for growing.

For leaders to grow and thrive, there needs to be an outlet for their abilities. By giving of their time, experience, and fertilizing the minds and hearts of those they influence, they will grow and be a wellspring of life themselves.

It is a principle of life applied to great leadership. It is better to give than receive. Let the abilities and talents you have flow from you. Enrich others.

What can you, as a leader, do to ensure we do not become Dead Sea Leaders?



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