The Keys To Leadership



Growing up, do you remember the janitor at elementary school? He invariably would have his big, bulky key ring jangling by his side. No one could enter the school unless he opened the door for you. You couldn’t get out the soccer or kick-balls without his permission.

While he may have seemed lowly on the school hierarchy, he held a tremendous amount of authority and influence by what he possessed. Those keys were the symbol of this leadership.

He could give you access to your wildest recess dream-time, unlock the science room where your hard-earned project was ready to be shown, and close the door for the year to allow you to recharge in the glory of summer.

In many ways the janitor is similar to great leaders.

A leader has the keys to unlock potential, vision, and goals. They have the keys to expand everyone’s vision by opening up the hallways of possibility. They unleash potential by allowing a venue for you to showcase your talents. They unlock the doors to dreams and allow you to pursue your passion and talents in a safe environment. And they get you to sharpen your saw and pursue other aspects of your character to get you to the next grade of your career.

Great leaders have the keys to future and wield a tremendous amount of influence in everyone’s life.

And by the way, janitors keep the schools going by cleaning and making sure the supplies were needed to operate the school each day. Great leaders ensure their teams have the needed facilities and resources to be successful.

Remember, you possess the keys to many people’s future.


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