Leadership LIFT: Adjust Your Altitude and Enjoy The View

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(This post is the conclusion of the Leadership LIFT series.)

There comes a time during every course that’s run in your leadership journey to step back and see where you’re headed. It’s those times that are necessary for us to gauge where we are and to re-orient our crew as to where we’re going.

Up to this point, we’ve had to consider many things to give our leadership the running start it’s needed:

  • We’ve grounded ourselves as to who we are and what our mission is
  • There’s been a course charted and mapped to guide us through the turbulence
  • The runway has been cleared of obstacles, and our vision has been given clarity
  • We’ve gotten our folks to be on board and trust us
  • Our vehicle has been proven sound and all systems are in place
  • We’re moving forward and gaining speed and momentum towards the horizon

Only when we’ve been able to successfully put the pieces into play and shuttle down the runway can we actually attain that great feeling of flight . . . LIFT.

There is no more exhilarating feeling than when a plane starts to pull up and separate from the gravitational pull below. Everyone, from pilots to crew to passengers, now know that the journey is underway, and the next stop is our destination, our goal.

Granted, turbulence, weather, and other factors may arise and be barriers to overcome. But that is where we trust our crew, our instruments, and our plans to guide us through. Yet for the most part, the flight is now at its most enjoyable because we’ll need to simply adjust our altitude and enjoy the view.

When a project is implemented and the results are coming in favorable, because everyone is on board and the systems were checked beforehand, we get that lift from using our leadership skills in a new light. And your staff and customers get that lift to, in job satisfaction, better quality, improved work culture, and detailed service. Everyone ends at the destination for different reasons, but your vehicle (your leadership style) has taken them there.

Leaders, take these steps to give your leadership new LIFT. Get your people to new vistas, destinations where they’ve never been, and bring people along with you. Remember, a pilot that has no passengers is just a tourist.

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