Leadership LIFT: Gain Momentum

(This post is the latest installment of the Leadership LIFT series.)

We live in an age of uncertainty. Leaders fail, markets crash, political agendas are spun, and material things break down. Its extremely easy to become a deer in the headlights stay put while the truck bears down on you and runs you over.

Our culture today can also foster the “paralysis of analysis” syndrome, where you are overwhelmed with information and wanting to make so sure you’re certain of the next move, that you do nothing.

People today more than ever want to follow leaders that are going somewhere. They don’t want to sit on the tarmac, waiting for their flight to taxi. They want their leaders to be people going forward, moving, making things happen.

So, dear leader, what are you waiting for? You’ve gotten your grounding, have your course charted with a clear vision, people are on board and all systems are “Go!”.

Now you need to get moving. You need to gain momentum.

There comes a time where planning needs to cease, discussions need to wane, and action needs to commence. Unless you move the throttle forward and engage the engines, you’ll never generate the necessary speed to create wind movement that will lift your team off the ground. You’ll not allow fear, caution, and second-guessing to be in the co-pilot’s position. It has no place in your seat either.

What is holding you back from moving the joystick forward? Engage the engines and move down the runway full speed ahead!!


(image courtesy of 1000awesmoethings.com)

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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