Leadership LIFT: Have a Clear Vision

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So far we have grounded ourselves and charted our course to give more lift to our leadership influence. Now we need to clear the runway.

A great leader will invariably remove all impediments and barriers to ensure their teams get off the ground and flying forward. Any obstacles that a leader doesn’t remove from their organization’s mission could certainly send them off course or crashing even before they get the project off the ground. Having a clear runway in the leadership realm is a combination of having clear vision, clear communication, and removing the obstacles to getting our mission of the ground.

Clear the Runway of Obstacles. Icy patches have caused many aircraft to slide off the runway. Potholes and uneven tarmac will affect the landing gear and cause breakdowns. Even flocks of birds have been know to ground flights until they are cleared. Leaders – what obstacles do you need to clear for your team to move forward? Are their any that you have put in the path that will obstruct the mission? Are there disruptive winds that will give turbulence before takeoff? Clear the way for others to follow.

Make Clear the Journeys Mission to All. Once a man was routed to the wrong destination because he stayed on the plane that he thought was going to “Oakland”. It wasn’t until he overheard other passengers while over the Pacific that he discovered he was on the “Auckland” flight. (True story.) Does your team have clarity of mission necessary for you to take flight? How can you better present the final destination to your teams to ensure everyone knows where you’re leading them?

Have Clear the Vision of What’s Ahead. Planes have sophisticated instruments and air traffic controllers to ensure that even in the poorest of visibility conditions, the pilots know what lies ahead and that the flight is a “go”. They can then confidently take off on their journey. While we may or may not have the outside support or technology needs to see ahead (project plans, capital budgets, mentorships), the one thing all great leaders must possess and instill is a clear vision. See the future, even if the landscape is murky. Uncertain times may be ahead, yet having a perfect scope and confidence of where you are going will engage your staff and make them trust you until the sunny skies shine above.

How can you better clear your path, your communication, and your vision and “lift” your leadership influence to the next vista?

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