Celebrate Your Rising Stars

One of the honors we give at my company every year is the “Rising Star” award. It recognizes the top field salesperson who, in their new tenure, has proven to build solid customer and business relationships. The reason I enjoy it so much is not only for what they’ve accomplished, but the fact that they are being recognized. It becomes quite an event as the prior year’s Rising Star announces the recipient and the torch is passed from one generation to the next.

It makes me remember all the “rising stars” I’ve been privileged to work with and mentor over the years.

Rising Stars are the fresh vision, the next generation, and the lifeblood of every organization. They are the future leaders of the company. The torch-bearers. The “next big thing”. Without a future or a “next” any organization will cease to exist.

Rising Starts carry on the culture and the vision. Training, supporting, and mentoring them are vital to the life cycle of your business as is food, water, and air is to our bodies. They need to be cultivated in order to continue growing and bear fruit in their careers.

Pointing out the Rising Stars can boost someone who has the raw talent and desire but hasn’t had the necessary experience up quite yet. It can energize the team by highlighting the work ethic and desire needed to succeed. It can bolster your culture by having newer team members be placed on the same stage, even for a moment, with their more accomplished counterparts.

The time investment is small. The benefits may last a career, or longer.

How do you or your organization celebrate the Rising Stars in your ranks? Have you taken time to recognize them this week? Your future, and theirs, depends on it.

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