Leave A Trail Of Encouragement

Part of our tasks as leaders wherever we’re called is to encourage others to believe in themselves. This is both the greatest thrill and greatest challenge in leading each day.


Encouraging lifts people up, boosts their value, and let’s them know others believe in them. Some helpful tips on encouraging:


1. Make it your daily mission. Reach out and touch someone in a positive way, every day. This is a vital habit to nurture along. If necessary, make a list each week of people you want to connect with.


2. Edify one person in each area if your life throughout the week. Whether it’s your team, your boss, a sister, a long-time acquaintance, or even a stranger, tap into all areas if your world and make each one brighter. I regularly call a friend in Michigan who I was a customer of. We chat business and coffee while he’s in the Mid-West and I’m in New England. About once a year, I’ll call a former employer or boss and chat or email, just to see how they are doing, professionally and personally.


3. In person, phone, email, social media, use whatever means you have. We are so connected now that this is incredibly easy to do. I regularly text three young men whom are away in college to keep them motivated, especially during finals. They’re busy so calling doesn’t always work. But a well-timed text let’s them know they have support and that they can call when they have the need or  time.


4. Think nothing of yourself, except building the esteem of others. You will soon be excited for the time to connect and make someone feel like a hero. It will be the high point of your day.


Wherever you go, leave an impression. Make a trail that leads back to you as an example of compassion and encouragement. It will become a reputation and legacy that others will follow as well.

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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