The Need to Lead

If you listen closely to the world about you today, you will hear a paradox / dichotomy of messages. On the one hand, there is the wealth of knowledge and wisdom of what it take to be a leader, from timeless principles that transcend all generations and cultures, to the honed tools and trends that apply it today’s workforce and workplace demands. There has never been a better time to learn to lead, as the resources available today are the best there has ever been.

Yet concurrently there is the outcry today of the masses, some quiet, some quite vociferous. It doesn’t take long to hear the yearning for true leaders, ones that are both inspirational –  engendering dreams and hope, and utterly transparent – true to who they say they are and what they mean to their team, organization, or followers.

The examples are so prevalent that you can rip them from the headlines. Athletes, denying PED use, being busted. Then, some pathetically and half-heartedly, apologizing. (Some even still denying it). Political leaders all across the board, from municipal to federal, forsaking the values of those that elected them and pursuing their own agendas or getting entangled in scandalous activities. Business leaders who will sell out to the self-serving benefits of their position and influence, and forget the people that mentored and enabled them to attain what they’ve achieved.

Every day people are asking “Where have all the good leaders gone?” It’s not that there is a scarcity of leaders, quite the contrary.  With 7 billion souls in the world endowed with unique gifted abilities,  THERE ARE MORE ABLE-MINDED LEADERS TODAY THAN THERE EVER HAS BEEN IN OUR WORLD’S HISTORY. But unfortunately the negative behaviors of those “leaders” who made shipwreck their opportunity to change their world for the better ring louder than the positive steps of the everyday, true leader.

So the question is not “Where have all the good leaders gone?”, but more correctly “How can the good leaders stand out?”. Today, at this very hour, there is an enormous need to have solid core leaders in all walks of life to raise hope in their world that dreams are still there to pursue.

Every generation not only had it’s Steve Jobs and Dale Carnegies, but it needed them. It wasn’t their talents and intellect alone that transformed their days; it was their attitude to infect people to realize what can be envisioned and attained. To inspire people with advances both personally and scientifically. To leave in their world a footprint so large that other people would either willingly fall into it in awe, or desire to make their own, even bigger, footprint in the path of life.

The need is there, my friend. You have the best opportunity – today – to transform your world for the better. The resources have never been better or more plentiful. The examples before you have never been more diverse. The only solution for cleansing dirt is to wash it. Pure water is proven to be the most powerful solvent in the world. Purity of leadership with absolute transparency will inspire people to do the same. This is a daily, consistent, walk that will pay forward to future generations. Talk these principles up with everyone. Set the example. Engender hope. Watch it blossom. Cleanse the negative with positive mentorship – every day, every hour.

The need has never been greater. Go forth and show others that it is still, and always will be, a great day to lead.

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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