20+1 Thoughts For Reinventing Your Leadership


If you’re stuck in a rut of leadership, feeling hopeless that you’re not making much of a positive impact, then perhaps you need to reinvent your leadership approach.

It’s a common problem that all leaders face from time to time, and if done right, and make an incredible positive impact for the remainder of your career.

Here are 20+1 thoughts on reinventing your leadership to have a better influence:

  1. Remember what your core values are.
  2. Write down why you aspire to lead.
  3. Dream of how your leadership can make your world better.
  4. Identify those people whose lives will be better because of your influence. (It may be everyone).
  5. Find your shortcomings and fix those immediately.
  6. Determine to be a student of people.
  7. Determine to be a servant of people.
  8. Don’t minimize the importance of being a servant leader.
  9. Designate an accountability mentor to help you grow and stay rooted.
  10. Bring a mentoring mindset to every day.
  11. Make time weekly to study your industry.
  12. Set goals for your people and help them achieve them.
  13. Erase those thoughts that limit your leadership ability.
  14. Admit your mistakes openly.
  15. Conquer your fears by speaking more in meetings and other settings.
  16. Find the joy in discovering, learning, teaching, and growing.
  17. Be who you say you are going to be. (Authenticity Quotient – AQ).
  18. Read 1 book each month.
  19. Appreciate everyone you interact with.
  20. Be thankful for challenging people, circumstances, and life.

And …

  1. Find the “One Thing” that motivates you to give your best. Think on that every morning.

These and many other thoughts can quickly help you orient your leadership towards a wider and more meaningful influence. By changing things up around who you are, you can be a more effective leader with greater success, satisfaction, and credibility in the coming year.

Reinvent yourself effectively by starting today!

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Don’t Forget Culture In Goal Setting


As the year draws to a close, many organizations start to wrap up their current year achievements and set new goals for the coming year.

Many companies will try to accurately measure their results of their sales, profits, and other measurables such as customer service scores, account growth, market growth, and staff turnover.

But has any of these goals resulted in solidifying or growing your culture in the past year?

While sales and profits are a necessary ingredient towards longevity and sustainability, if your goals neglect culture and the preservation of your core values, then your organization may be in an eventual jeopardy at some point down the line.

Threading your culture through each and every goal ensures that your organizational identity, your company DNA, stays pure and does not get diluted or lost in attaining numbers and other tangible results. Any company’s reason for existing always starts out with the “why” and their cultural values, with sales becoming a means to achieve and grow that vision. However if those core values don’t get rolled into the goals year to year, you may start to see a trajectory of diversion from them in pursuit of profits and market share. When that occurs, it usually causes great disruption within the organization, often resulting in reactions such as restructuring, leadership churn, downsizing, or selling off.

To insulate your company from cultural drift, make every result category be a subset of a cultural value. For example, if customer service is a key value, ensure your customer growth, sales, and NPS scores align with this focus. For a value of innovation, set goals through product development on certain number of new items that result in long-term stickiness, and highlight innovative ways that your sales team can attract new customers or grow their account base. Learning and personal development can be tied into continuous OJT and online self-paced learning modules, and integrity can be based on how new accounts are pursued, and existing customers managed.

The importance of laying your cultural foundation down every year in goal setting ensures the vision and brand of your company never gets lost. Each new year brings optimism and the hope of becoming better and more successful. And by taking the time to deliberately refresh your entire organization in your core values, you will ensure that the new year will be set up for that success.

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Signs You Need To Step UP In Your Organization


When I talk with people from various industries, many struggle with the same question:

Where are the good people? Where can we find qualified help?

This question seems to be the most pressing in today’s organizations. And yet I see the simple answer, which lies with each and every person in the organization. The qualified help in question, more often than not, lies in the people within the organization.

These places have people who are either employed or volunteer for them. So if the question with a relatively full staff is where is the qualified help, the question must start as:

Why isn’t the current help qualified?

I have always been a huge proponent of finding talent under your nose, and this premise holds true with this question. There are scores of organization that have no shortage of talent, but more of a shortage of willing participants. Here are some examples of everyday situations of individuals who aren’t stepping up:

  • Workers who complain about management but cause problems themselves
  • People who see community needs and expect the next person to address them
  • Managers who avoid problems that don’t impact their cushy workload
  • Business customers who make demands that tax their vendors or providers
  • Citizens who choose not to vote but make protests that accomplish nothing
  • Church members that see and know of ministry needs but don’t volunteer
  • Individuals who are content with making a paycheck but not helping their company grow
  • Employees who complain when the power to solve the problem is in their own ability

The majority of key talent that can transform an organization lies in its members, including yourself. So take a moment and ask yourself, what value are you giving to your organization? How have you been helping out where you find yourself? Are you complacent to take what you get without giving any more?

So many times people defer the work needed to the next person that eventually no one helps out and the organization ceases to grow, then shrinks, and eventually disappears.

Imagine the impact a small team could make if just a couple of people would step up and do a little more to support the organization. Or a company. A church. A town meeting. Or a nation.

If you see ways things can be better where you are, in your work or your community, that’s a sign of need that you can provide. The only way to meet that need is to step up and be that catalyst.

If you consider yourself a leader, or committed to the cause, there is no other way. The spectators don’t get the trophy and the critics don’t get the applause. Only those in the trenches get to claim the satisfaction of a goal accomplished when they step up for the cause.

Can you step UP today and make a better impact for your world? Imagine what would happen if you did!!

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